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Give Your Listing the Masterful Marketing Advantage


Geoffrey Nelson offers a visionary approach to the marketing of your home, backed by over a decade of creative success. Success in any endeavor begins with a passion that propels the objective forward. Geoffrey's passion for showcasing a home consistently maximizes his listings in the very best light. From the mundane to the magical, every detail in getting your home ready for the market is executed with artistic flair and a commitment to high-end nuance. Because every home is a thoroughly unique sanctuary, Geoffrey tailors a custom plan specifically for each listing. While many Realtors view marketing as an afterthought, Geoffrey centers his approach on this fine art of presentation: the highest caliber presentation that every home deserves, and the highest caliber presentation that translates to differentiation in the marketplace and top dollar results.

Bringing your home to the market is a production not unlike the making of a movie: at the helm is a director inspiring the performance of a cast, and sculpting the details into a cohesive whole with impact and flair. Geoffrey takes this leadership role in all phases of getting your home ready: from the preparation decisions of upgrading for best return on investment, to orchestrating reliable trades professionals, and finally, the staging and presenting of the home: that magic moment when your home is ready for the market: aglow on the pages of magazines, targeted print news media, sophisticated brochures, online video audiences, and powerful web sites focused to the likely buyer demographics.

What are the tools of the trade in real estate marketing? And what is the best way to leverage their power for top dollar results?

  • Preparing the Home: make the best decisions for economical return on investment, highest impact, widest demographic appeal, all within short time to market.
  • Staging: using only the finest designers to creatively craft new atmospheres through furniture, art, and accessories
  • Photography: award-winning architectural photography that sets the tone of your marketing campaign from print to pixels.
  • Videography: cinematic film-making by award-winning director promoted via HD video and/or aerial drone photography on YouTube, Facebook, and others
  • Literary Narratives: eloquently crafted prose by the foremost writer of property narratives. Capturing the home's true "experience"
  • Event Planning: Wine & Cheese Receptions, Brunch Open Houses, Home Tours with Live Musicians
  • Production of Memorable Marketing Pieces across all media platforms: Print Advertising, Online Exposure, Social Media Platforms, Literary Narratives, Video & Aerial Film Features, Direct Mail, Agent-to-Agent Networking, Agent-to-Community Networking.
  • Leveraging diverse media channels to artistically expose the home to the widest, most well-qualified audience...from our own back yard to around the globe.




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