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BURLINGAME: San Francisco's Timeless Small-Town Suburb. By Geoffrey Nelson

From quaint turn-of-the-century bungalows, to today’s luxurious new constructions, the “City of Trees” has defined the height of Peninsula living for over 100 years. Officially incorporated in 1908, Burlingame's evolution parallels the history of San Francisco, and colorfully represents a founding step in the emergence of the Peninsula suburbs. The adjacent Town of Hillsborough, Burlingame Country Club, and downtown Burlingame all emerged around the iconic circa-1894 Burlingame Train Depot, originally built for wealthy San Franciscans to travel to "the country" in style. Looking back to the turn of the century, we can nostalgically reflect on comfortable homes being handcrafted in this suburban idyll after the 1906 San Francisco earthquake. Burlingame growth benefited as San Francisco’s quintessential suburb, and the homes and neighborhoods emerged with a pride of craftsmanship equally country charming and city sophisticate. Every architectural trend of the 20th century is embodied along Burlingame's storybook avenues. From Arts & Crafts homes in the style of Craftsman pioneers Greene & Greene in the early 1900s, to the romantic European revival homes of the 1920s and 1930s, to the post-war traditionals of the 40s and 50s, culminating with today’s sparkling new luxury homes that typically sell for $2,300,000 - $2,750,000.

Burlingame neighborhoods are diverse, providing a wealth of lifestyle options within modest city limits. For those who enjoy strolling to Burlingame Avenue's upscale downtown shopping, the close-in neighborhoods of Burlingame Park (just west of El Camino Real) or Burlingables (just east of the train depot and Burlingame High School) are favorites. For those who are looking for more scenic seclusion with a country flavor and maybe a Bay view, Burlingame Hills is a dramatic choice. For those looking for Burlingame's highest-rated schools in a neighborly, yet prestigious setting, the Easton Addition ( will be a fitting choice. Built mostly in the 1940s and 1950s, the Ray Park neighborhood near the north border of town is a traditional post-war setting benefiting from close proximity to top schools and an easy commute location. There is a Burlingame neighborhood to fit everyone's budget and lifestyle. As San Francisco’s most illustrious “small town” suburb, Burlingame continues to be a magnet for those seeking the good life not far from the big city.

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Location Cubed T. 650-572-8258
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MBA Real Estate Appraisal

Local veteran appraiser with a passion for detail and extensive nuanced knowledge

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TRG Architects T. 650.579.5762
Charlie Barnett Associates

Recently exectued a brilliant renovation for a client on Eucalyptus Avenue, Lower Hillsborough, seamlessly blending elements of traditional and modern. 

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Winges Architects T. 650-343-1101
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Wells Fargo Home Mortgage T. 650-678-6688
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First Republic Bank

Regional Managing Director who has helped flawlessly with many of my clients from the Private Equity field, among others. 

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First Republic Bank

Senior Managing Director and a pleasure to deal with at any price point. 

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With Fencing

Scott With

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Dean Icardi T. 650-921-8183
Hillsborough, CA
First, Last & Always

Premium high-end specialist who executed beautiful walnut flooring in a Hillsborough modern I represented, among other architectural showcase homes

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State Farm Insurance

Impeccable personal service and immersed in the local community.

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Ken Fulk Design T. 415-285-1164
San Francisco, CA
Blue Sky Designs T. (650) 726-5990
Fitzgerald Landscapes T. 650.548.0145
Michael Callan, Landscape Architect

Fabulous reputation and track record working with high-end projects across the Peninsula and many in Hillsborough, Burlingame, and San Mateo

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San Mateo, CA 94402
Celtic Moving & Storage Co. T. (415) 307-8699 San Francisco, CA 94124
Budget Movers & Storage

Recently moved my clients from a 5,500 Hillsborough home to a downtown Burlingame condo. 

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Wilkinson Construction

One of Hillsborough's top-tier custom builders, having executed extraordinary new constructions recently on streets such as Roblar, El Cerrito, and Parkside. 

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All Wood Construction

Strong portfolio in Hillsborough, San Mateo, Burlingame, for expansions and renovations. Excellent personalized family service. 

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Peninsula Custom Homes

Grand scale custom projects throughout Hillsborough and surrounding areas. 

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A&R Termite

30-year veteran and highly regarded in the Realtor community. 

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